December 21st, 2001


eat this cocksucker

so fucking pissed
i hate people that vandalize other peoples property. fuck you. grow some fucking balls, get a job and earn that shit on your own. be a man

fucking cocksucker

what, you think you're a big man cause you can ruin other people possesions? the things they work hard to have... and you just want to take it away. if anything that makes you less of a man

worse than that... things are replaceable after a little bit of time and money. fuck, money is even replaceable... but time..!!! that's fucking priceless, and you take that away... without a blink of an eye. *snap* it's gone. and you don't even fucking care, except for maybe your own selfish ass... and barely even enough for that.

doing stupid shit...

fucking cocksucker

i hope that everytime you even THINK about doing that again that you feel and taste your balls in your mouth.
you'll get yours... i may not know about it, but it will happen. always does. karma's a bitch like that. that's why you don't fuck people over.

some people try and make it in life. they attempt to make their life good and fulfilling. others, they just take what the hard workers have. no fucking respect. and then, then they demand their respect. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER!! tit for tat. it's a two way street. act like a fucking responsible adult. don't demand privliges and then go stick your head up your fucking ass


i want to spit on you, give you shameful looks.

but these thoughts are enough. i know you'll get yours in the end.

what goes around comes around, and that's why karma's a bitch (and she don't eat no dicks)
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ok the rage is out

but about karma... so when i got to work today my lead tracy was standing right behind me, i went to put my water bottle on my desk and it slipped and fell on the floor. she lauged at me and said "smooth" i just smiled... then a few minutes later she was packing her stuff up to leave and she spilled her coffee all over her desk and onto her chair. we were all laughing SO hard cause it literally happened about a minute after i dropped my water then it was my turn to say "smooth" then she tried to accuse me of being a witch and casting a spell on her or whatever... i was telling her it's all karma.

now for something a little less painful

aren't we cute?? my dad could always get my sister to pick her nose when she was little... he would just put his finger close to his nose and she would follow suit... then my mom would pipe in "GAARTH... leah, don't do that!!!" then my dad would stop... and my sister would stop... then a few minutes later my dad would do it again...

ya. it was funny.

so today i dropped off my roll of b&w film, it should be back on monday. kick ass!
i finally mailed my thank you note to my grandparents... like... 5 years later...well not really... it just took me a really long time to get it to a mail box.

something is wrong, a little more offbeat than normal. i can't put my finger on it... well, i can, i just don't want to talk about it. however, it is causing me to feel like moving again... need to get out and away.

be alone
so i say...

but i'll just sit and wait through this rainy day,
hopeing those feelings will stray.

my sanity is fleeting
this is not what i barganed for

why is this the way i'm feeling?

i better go to bed. these nonsensical ramblings of a half-sane girl have yet to end.
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