January 2nd, 2002



had an ok new years eve. i brought in the new year hailing to the porcelin gods. ended up feeling better later.
didn't get a lot of sleep *mental note to self: don't smoke and drink in the same night*

got new shoes a few days ago. very nice, osiris d3s, black and blue. wOOt! also got my hair cut/trimmed... got a few new cds... Thievery Corporation, mirror conspiracy and nude dimensions 2. both VERY good

the status of things in my life:
sex life: awesome
love life: awesome
school life: uuuhhhhmmmm.... well, it's gonna get better....i swear....
home life: annoying
bank account: larger than it was
work: need to find a new job
health: fine... well no, i'm lying... i'm gonna start going to the gym again so i'm not so boyant. also birth control pills SUCK.

side note : anyone know how much it costs to get tubes tied??

hmmm... did i leave anything out?

*MuWaH* luv u leigh!!!!

now it's time to shower.
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