January 3rd, 2002


orange cows, swimming goats and a head full of stars

i was looking through some old pics tonight and found some old letters... read a few. made note of how many people have come in and out of my life. tangent. my grandma sent me two letters today. count 'em two. one. two. i am special, and not the "special" kind either... well... maybe just a ,little... like <----------------this much-----------------> yes, that is a measurement. shows how much you know. :oP

didn't do a whole lot today. woke up, showered *gasp* went to work, came home. i've been home for about 2 hours now. i should go to bed. next quarter i have 830 class. *blah* hmm... sounds like what i was doing on new years eve.

ever been blindfolded then covered with honey and placed on top of an ant hill? ya...me neither.

theres a pic of me as a young whipper snapper (whatever the hell that is...)

hmmm... i have another roll of b&w film.... can't decide if i want to share my photos or not...

so there you have it folks, one large hippo ready to dive off this 70ft diving board into a tub of grasshoppers. i know it sounds strange, but if you can only picture it the possibilities are limitless! one fine owl emerges from the towering inferno of death, daring enough to save this brave soul. watch as the tragedy unfolds as he unmasks his heroine. if only one man can save this beast from his own, then all might be salvaged! this man could be your neighbor, your grandpa, or even your own shadow!

all this and more can be yours for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling) so order now!! and don't delay!!!

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