January 8th, 2002


"line up the target, focus on sight. straight through the center, infrared light..."

ok, starting over from scratch. this really sucks. i hate it when my computer crashes. it would be ok if my stuff could get saved, but oh no... that would be too difficult for it to do.

my bird gomer has been really attentive to the baby bird. who i think we are calling either gilligan or little buddy. ya so anyway, gomer was feeding little buddy like he was the daddy bird. it was SO cute!!!!

umm... i just finished dinner. now normally i don't like chicken, and normally i really don't like chicken the way my mom cooks it. but toinght is an exception, she made some damn good chicken w/rice. wOOt! big ups to the bomb ass chicken cooking massive aka: my mom. now i'm finishing my glass of syrah (that's a really good red wine if anyone is interested in that sort of thing...) also it's cool cause it's really similar to my name :P

thinking about going to the gym... not sure if i'm going to or not, i really should, but a little work out at home and a bath sounds more appealing.

damn. leigh says no more hickies.
note to self: you are NOT a vampire

"je n'ai pas le temps de perdre le tete..."

so i'm not going to bother with what was in the other post that got lost, mostly i just needed to get it out, and typing it once was all that was necessary.

well, i think i'm gonna take a nice hot bath with a nice big glass of wine. wOOt!
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