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dissolves instantly [userpic]

hmmm... which one am i?

January 13th, 2002 (07:10 pm)

Which WWF diva are you?

OH! i'm that...one...?.....

dissolves instantly [userpic]

orange moon & lime jello

January 13th, 2002 (08:07 pm)

current mood: pensive
current song: radiohead - ok computer

radiohead fits today.

i've been really listless and down. more wine for me.
my family is severly dysfunctional. coming home depresses me. i almost feel like dropping out of school just so i can live away from them. that's sad.

spent the weekend with my boy. good for me, but i feel as tho i can't entertain him enough. i dunno... insecure ramblings right now....

i had to meet up w/some people from my art class today, we have to build a bridge made of spaghetti noodles on tuesday, so we did a dry run today. all i have to say is "AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" ::sigh:: some people are so incompetent... but we knew this already.

my cousin is getting married the first weekend in feb, groundhog day to be exact. turns out i am invited to his wedding, just not his reception. oh well, that's not what i want to really go to anyway. my dad says he won't go at all. agh! so damn difficult!

i got my bong back, but now it's being housed at Leighs. too bad my friend still has my stem, so it's basically useless until i can get that back from her. damn... or buy a new stem, which i am considering ... but not now, next paycheck perhaps.

monkies are evil.
i had another bad dream with them in it... actually, i think it was more of a deja vu kinda dream, but this time i got further along in the story. i've had quite a few dreams like this...

well, i'm gonna go find something else to entertain me.... 'cause this isn't doin it for me...

dissolves instantly [userpic]

(no subject)

January 13th, 2002 (10:11 pm)

i feel bad when people make an effort to talk to/call me, and i don't do the same for them. it's not like i don't want to talk to them, it's just that when i do think of calling them, that's about as far as it goes. i'm just a retard like that. it's no wonder i don't have very many friends.

dissolves instantly [userpic]

(no subject)

January 13th, 2002 (10:20 pm)

it's time to go to "bed"

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