January 17th, 2002


gotta save mary gotta save mary

buh bye, mary took an early morning flight. nice try.... you let her go and now she's out of sight, like some high kite... i've gotta find piece of mind...

one night mary made a choice that wasn't right, well alright she is a pretty girl but not too bright, that's what we all think....

hmm... i started all that a while ago, i was listening to a song and well ya....

so right now i'm fucking HUNGRY!!!!!!! i asked my mom to save me some food from dinner so i could eat when i got home from work. ok she says... what do i get? a cup of fucking cold soup. FUCK!!! no food for me tonight ... why? because we don't have mayo for a sandwich, and we don't have any other kinds of food in the WHOLE fucking house except for dumb ass condaments except mayo.


well, we had to build a bridge out of spaghetti in one of my art classes, the one my group made ended up holding about 47 lbs. wOOt! it wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst, so oh well.

gonna go shower then do some homework so i can get to "bed"

what does tomorrow have in store for me? who knows...
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    my tummy growling


my dad just told me that they are getting rid of the texaco card. fuck!! now that means i have to pay for gas outta my own pocket. well... guess it's all public transportation from here on out.