January 22nd, 2002


chew on this..

so here is my take on things... (if any of y'all care) i like what both kammi and texel have to say. they both raised good points. nuff said about that because their points only helped me to trigger my own .... agh.

so let's get started shall we?....

GET THE HELL OFF MY LAND!!!! oh wait... this is my land... even though my ancestors pushed my ancestors off it. er... wait what now? hrm. let's see... so if i've got cherokee blood, that would come first right? hmm... ok, so then i've got my ancestors that came over on the mayflower... so that then throws into the pot english as well as dutch-german, so what are we at... two? three? ok, so lets add a bit o'north south rivalry with the civil war, and then a dash of irish immigrants. hmm... there we go... now let's take a trip to the west coast via the oregon trail. wow... now let's really spice it up with stalin killing some of my polish ancestors and then let's have them move on over here.... oh, and while they're at it i think some swedish/norwegian folk should come on over. now... work hard for your and your fellow mans freedom and rights...incubate for nine months, give the girl a hebrew first name (from both the bible as well as popular song "sara smile" from haul n'oates) an old skool family middle name, then tag a jewish last name on there (from the swedish taylor that immigrated from norway, to sweden, to germany to be an apprentice under a german-jew, then back to sweden and last stop on the tram... the good old us of a.) so after all that what do you have? ME! wOOt! not quite as good as sliced bread, but damn near as close.

so after that little bit on my roots i will now own up to ALL THE WRONG EVER DONE TO ANYONE. IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!! er wait... no it's not, i didn't do shit to no one, i have a moral dilemma when it comes to killing a fly. so anyway, about this whole country thing... i have as much claim to this land as well... anyone does, but the thing is my ancestors worked hard for what they believed would make a good life for their descendent's and others. shit, that's what makes this country so great is the freedom granted, and the rights people are given. isn't that why people move here? to go somewhere more hopeful or promising? to have a better life? if not then why would anyone want to move to a place that is worse off than where they started? that wouldn't make any sense.

my ancestors worked hard to make it, they had to learn a new language, they had to adjust to a new climate, they had to do all the things to fit into a new society and become part of it, or to make their part in it. so why is it now, that we don't expect the some of the same of new immigrants? to me it's really frustrating when people move here, don't know the language, yet i'll be damned if the written test for getting a drivers license isn't in about four languages now. (hmm... here's a thought for all you that claim there isn't an assigned language to america; let's just get rid of the dominant language, adopt a "whatever floats your boat" kinda view on language, and see how society functions then?? think it will work when one congressman only knows turkish while another only knows dutch??) back to the lecture at hand... so what happens if these non-english speaking, u.s. drivers license toting immigrants get into an accident? or pulled over? and they don't speak the language? what then? hmm...

i'm sorry but if i were going to move to a foreign country that didn't speak the same language as me i would sure as hell learn it in order to function in their society. in my eyes, by not learning the language of your new home country, you are displaying that you don't care enough about your new environment, you don't respect your new home. and it is your home, because you are using the resources and you are living the same lifestyle as everyone else around you. it's a sign of courtesy and respect.
wow. that's one thing my dad taught me, be courteous and respectful, think about if you are in the way of others, think about your actions and how they impact others.
you know, i love the fact that the states are so diverse. if they weren't they would sure be boring and perhaps less productive. what i have a problem with are the people that come over here, take advantage of the housing provided to them, the fresh water, the access to food, health-care, education... etc, all off of mine, yours, his and hers tax dollars, and then don't even bother to put back into the community what they have taken out. that system is there to help you get on your feet, not to live off of. if you want a system like that, well then move to a socialist/communist country, because there are people like me with families like mine that worked hard to find ourselves a new position in life and to make this the country where people get what they work for.

so when an immigrant finds their way over here, uses the system, but then doesn't even bother to learn the language and give back to the community, that's just like a slap on the face. respect the rights and freedoms you've been granted and show some respect and courtesy, probability is you'll get it back.
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in case the point of my previous post wasn't understood, my attempted point was:
come here and live with me, i'll share my space, i'll share my wealth, i want you to learn, grow, work and play with me; however, if you mess up, don't think i won't wanna send you back to where you came from. give me respect and i'll extend the same to you.

Willy Wonka: agreed?
Children: agree.
Varuca Salt: crosses fingers behind her back
don't be like Varuca Salt.
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