January 28th, 2002


I like to spank, because my partner has been bad.....very bad.

"don't ask me, what you know is true. don't have to tell me, i love your.... precious heart."

oh how i love my online tests...

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wow. what a weekend. i think i was drunk most of the time, and if i wasn't drunk i was in bed...er... so friday night i was kicking it (what it is i don't exactly know..but...) with leigh and marcus, then marcus kicked us out of his house cause he had "homework" or whatever. then my friend shannon called (background: shannon is this former coworker of mine from when i worked in hell. she is 30 going on two. seriously, she has the energy of a two year old, and looks of a 25 year old. very nice girl, however requires LOTS of energy for attention) so we meet up at QFC, leigh and i grab a 40 each, and she grabs two 6 packs of hard cider. then we go to leighs humble abode. chilled there, she wanted to go up north to party, but we weren't really down so we stayed at leighs. hmmm... she left her cider so leigh and i consumed the rest of it. shit, i don't remember exaclty how much i had, but i was sufficiently tossed, well, more tossed than i thought because when i woke up on sat morning i still felt quite drunk.

so saturday was spent... mostly.... doing stuff. ya... went and got a bday gift for my friend misty, went to QFC for leigh to get some groceries. then in the evening we went out with misty and ty to dinner at changs on broadway, then proceeded back to leighs for a bit of video game mania, then off to the last supper club we went. i consumed at LSC one black opal, one AMF, and one double sex on the beach. after that (somewhere around 1130?) we left and misty and ty went back to federal way... while leigh and i went to the trowel house for what has been the best party i've been to this year.
madd props to the trowel house!!

i drank a lot there. two shots, countless beers. wow... i saw a lot of people i knew, talked to a lot of new people. hrm, at one point i was talking to a girl in a hat we are behind everyone (this is as much as i'm in any of the photos...) more on the girl in the hat in a bit...

story: so i was using the bathroom in the trowel basement, and as i stood up to pull up my pants i lost my balance (surprise?) went crashing forward and at the time i thought the only injury i sustained was my teeth in my upper lip. the people outside the door were like "are you ok" me in a drunken stouper responds "ya" hrm. so on my way down i took their shower curtain with me. oops!

so sunday morning i wake up in leighs bed, fully clothed and the first thing i ask him is "how did we get home?"
him: you drove us
me: you let me drive?!?!!
him: ya, you said you were ok...
"shit. so she says she's okay to drive home... and to tell you the truth we both weren't. but she did phenomenally... best impression of a stark sober driver i've ever seen. a bit slower than normal though... more like the best impression of a stoned driver i've ever seen."

no hangover. that's good... i did manage to expell the contents of my stomach sometime midmorning. wooooooh.... i know why, because when we got back from the party devon was planted in front of the toilet and i started cracking up laughing at his misfortune. karma came back and slapped my ass.

"can you feel my voodoo, my soul will see you through, you will fill me in your dreams, can you hear me call your name?"

so sunday was the day where i find multipule number of bruises from falling, as well as a fat upper lip. woot. :P.:pfft:. spent some more time in bed... replaced the shower curtain i broke at the trowel house, went to my house to have some dinner w/my family... watched american pie 2... hrm...

so it was my friend bess' birthday and she was having a bunch of people get together at the alabi room in post alley... as leigh and i are chilling there i point out that a girl over there looks kinda like the girl in the hat i was talking to last night. well... as leigh and i were leaving she said hi and it turns out it was her. jill's her name. gonna have to kick it w/her sometime....

wow this is a long post.

as time has been progressing i'm slowly remembering more from sat night.

so i've been feeling really good lately. well... mentally, physically i need to start going to the gym, but not this week...

so i am going to san fran this weekend for my cousins wedding. i haven't been to san fran in SO BLOODY LONG!!! i'm excited, i am hopeing that i can get my 19yo cousin into a club downtown. (any recommendations?) i NEED to go out while i'm there. well... i don't need to, i just really really want to.

ok, well me thinkist it is time to depart. i feel the urdge to nap coming on....
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water got on some of my photos and now they are all stuck together. FAWK!! all my b&w photos now have to be reprinted. AGH!!

fawk fawk fawk fawk

weeee... more quiz results! :oP.:pfft:.

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hmm... aren't they nice?....


oh my...

my dad just installed a HUGE sound system in my little sisters room (lucky girl) so now he's rockin out to the song i'm named after.... "sara smile" by haul n'oates.

awh how cute... he just came into my room dancing... and now he's singing.


i know y'all are jealous! :oP.:pfft:.
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