January 31st, 2002


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You're rock, alternative, techo, and everything in between. You music varies from views on society, love, life, relationships, and emotions. You also like to write fun songs with funky lyrics like, "On this page, you see a little girl giggling at a hippopotamus, I wonder why?" You're like no other band out there, you cannot be compared, your lead singer is hot, and you're definitely unique and fun.

well i think this is funny...

lemmie tell you a little story.

there once was this bright capable cute girl named ... umm... sarah? hehehee... well anyway, she worked in this place with too many ladies. yes, that's right, a medical billing office *gasp* there there, it's ok, no bodily harm happens to our beloved heroine. well, the establishment in which she works decided to remodel their office, and when she was hired she was told she would have her very own desk. such foolishness this was for such a bright girl to believe such a thing. but alas, she needed the money, and so she took the job. well, after the office was remodeled what to our wondering minds should find? that the billers have to share a desk with the coders. well now, this should work out fine, in theory. coming in with the understanding that coders work mainly during the day, and billers mainly during the evening there should be no problem. however, this was not the case. emails about petty crap from the bitchy overpaid coders would be sent to the billers complaining about how somebody the night before had moved their stapler, tape, pens, or *gasp* even adjusted their chair. this tomfoolery was not liked by the establishment, however they never decided to address the matter. so now the coders are the butt of the billers joke almost everyday...er... night...umm....evening. ;o)

so today, an email sent out by the lead biller to all the other billers complains how some unknown person has moved her stapler, (fyi yours truely shares a desk w/the lead) and adjusted her chair about 1/2 an inch. all in jest mind you, so your beloved heroine takes it upon herself to respond, and here is what she says:
"i think i saw a robot sitting at your desk last night. i was like "woah" and it was like "weeee....." and then there were a bunch of ninjas, and they kicked the robots butt. it was sooo cool!"

hehehee.... i'm sure most of you know what that's a combination of, and if you don't, i'm so sorry......
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awh, the cat is all lovey dovey right now.

wait a minute, this is very odd... what does she want???

EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!.... she just shook her head and a bunch of drool hit my foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i must go bathe again.

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well... i think i'm gonna get to bed now... i have to get up early tomorrow.

unfortunetly i have a lot of stuff still to do, i just can't do it till the morning.

until... sunday?