February 10th, 2002


ya so anyway...

What Pattern Are You?

hmmm... i always wanted to know what pattern i was....

had an ok weekend. spent it w/the boy. did lots of stuff. i think the funniest part was last night when we were at the last supper club w/ty and misty, well misty and i went to the ladies room and i overheard these two girls talking
girl #1: ohmygod, i totally feel naked w/out my lip gloss, you know what i'm talking about? you ever feel that way?
girl #2: oh i TOTALLY know what you mean!
girl #1: oh good cause i thought i was the only one! oh an i love your outfit!! it's sooo cute!
girl #2: (wearing a tight red leather two piece w/furry stuff around her neck) ya? thanks i got it in portland... blah blah blah

their conversation then went on to talk about how portland has a better club scene than seattle. ya... whatever. :oP

i'm kinda frustrated w/a certain person right now grrrrr......

you know what one of the worst feelings in the world is? being used, sometimes i feel like that's what's going on with me right now. ::sigh:: oh well.. let the cards fall where they may.

i got a call from my buddy jessica. i haven't heard from her in a while, funny thing is i was gonna call her this evening after dinner w/my family, but she got to me first. it sounds like shes doing pretty good. misty and i are gonna visit her in april for her bday. wOOt! more cage/pole dancing for us!!!

some people are just good... good natured, aren't hung up on themself, don't talk shit about people, honest, and considerate. this one person i know in particular, and that's all i want to say about that.

my grandmas bday was the 8th, so we are having people over for dinner tonight to celebrate. shoot, she's like 87 or 88 now. now that's a life of change. think about all the things that were available to her as a youth, vs. todays youth. it's amazing...

so i made a calendar for some people in my family, this grandma in particular (the one whos bday we are going to celebrate tonight) lives in an assisted living care unit, aka: a nice nursing home, and has her calendar displayed on her wall. well i guess it's been getting quite a few compliments from her neighbors and the help. :o) i'm glad more people are enjoying it than just her, makes me feel even better about having made it.

ok, well i'm going to go now.
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agh! i'm biting my nails, why am i doing this?

ok, i know i must be stressed, but i can't think of too much that i am possibly stressed over...


Chere Sarah,

je vous ecris a propos de votre expose sur la greve des infirmieres.

Les commentaires des autres etudiants etaient melanges. D' un part, on a
loue le choix du sujet qui etait tres interessant, et la discussion vive
apres votre expose, ce qui montre que les questions que vous aviez
prepares etaient stimulantes pour votre audience. De l'autre part, on a
critique votre maniere de LIRE l' expose au lieu de le presenter
librement. Comme il y avait des phrases compliquees et des mots inconnus,
beaucoup d'etudiants n' etaient pas capables de suivre ce que vous etiez
en train de lire.
Personellement, je crois que si vous decidez de lire un expose, il faut
donner le texte que vous lisez aux etudiants (par exemple comme l' ont
fait Ada et Georges en montrant leur expose sur l'ecran a l' aide du
retroprojecteur.) Quand on communique dans une langue etrangere, il faut
donc aider les autres a comprendre ce que vous communiquez. Le cas ideal
serait de ne pas lire l' expose, mais de le presenter librement avec
quelques notes (comme Marc l'a fait par exemple). En posant des question
tres interessantes apres l' epose, vous avez montre d'etre capable
d'etablir un bon contact avec l'auditoire, donc faites cela deja pendant
l'expose au futur.
Je vous ferai savoir votre note apres avoir ecoute plusieurs exposes.
Bon weekend ! Corinne

i suck