February 12th, 2002


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Wowie! You are Velvet! Mysterious and seductive, you like being in charge and in control. You're the trendy popular goddess and you love every minute of attention that you get, baby.


now i go to bed, not to sleep, oh no... to sit and mull things over. come at situations from every possible angle. to work out the activities of my coming day in my head........to mentally batter myself into believeing certain things about certain someones. reflect on the conversations and activities of today. the good, the bad... and yes, even the ugly. then, after i've thought about it all, and feel as though sleep will never come... it will come..........at least for a few hours, and then i'll have that same feeling in the morning, like i've floated to the top and hit a ceiling fan, just to break into tiny pieces and





and there i will stay, at least for a little bit. after a slice of disgust, i'll pick myself back up again, to switch back into the same old routine, never once learning my lesson. what's the point anyway? living in a bubble fearing the worst, is that what life's about? or is it more about getting it up to your elbows in muck and muddle? which is more entertaining? struggle or calm? it's all relative i guess.....
and now to that activity called "sleep"
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another day another....dollar? well not earned... but spent, ya that's for sure!

i really should be working on my art project now... and perhaps i will....

hmm... i'm really enjoying this whole color thing WAY too much!

hehehee.... ok i stop now.

hehehee... okok, i lied
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mormons just came to my door... agh. why do they always come in pairs...? for protection?
mormon#1: hi how are you
mormon#2: [stupid smile]
me: i'm fine....uh....u? [glances at a) suit and b) name tags and thinks to self EEP!! how long will this take?!?]
mormon#1: are your parents home?
mormon#2: [still w/the stupid smile]
me: nope
mormon#1: well, do you know when they are going to be home?
mormon#2: [still smiling]
me: uhh... about 5...6....630?......
mormon#1: 7...8...9....
mormon#1 & mormon#2 : [laugh in unicin]
me: heh.
mormon#1: well, we have this little card... could you give it to them? they could get a free video...
mormon#2:[DAMNIT!! would you wipe that STUPID grin off your face?!?!!]
me: uh sure... a video huh? ya ok... [starts to close door]
mormon#1: you like free things... don't ya...?
mormon#1 & mormon#2 : [laugh in unicin]
me: [creeped out by two laughing mormon boys trying to give my parents a free video] uuhh... ya... some things.....[closes door]

at least it didn't take long!

after all that....

i deserve a cd... mayhaps i shall go and purchase one right this second....::zoop::....<-----that's the sound of me jetting out of my house and up to the music store....

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Everyone loves to hang out with me.

Which Sesame Street Character Are You?

You are ERNIE. You are fun, friendly,
and popular. You are a real crowd pleaser. You
have probably been out on the town your share of times, yet
you come home with the values that your
mother taught you. Marriage and children are important to you, but
only after you have fun. Don't let the people you please
influence you to stray.