February 23rd, 2002


woo hoo cock cake!

so last night was marcus' bday, devon and leigh plopped down the cash and got him a black cock cake. ohmygosh, it was so funny!! pics will be coming soon via leigh. drank, not too much, but sad to say i don't remember going to bed, i remember getting here and all that, but it's the sleeping part that i totally missed. i guess i had a headache last night, which would explain the one i had this morning when i showered. damn alcohol!

in other news: my tailbone hurts.

today i'm gonna... uhh....ummm.... i dunno. considering it's almost 5pm and i'm still in my pjs, i guess i won't be doing too much... oh well, lazy saturdays are nice to have sometimes...

so i got paid on friday *sniffle* and it's just about all gone. why is this you ask? good question, lemmie tell you... so i get paid in peanuts pratically. it really sucks cause i don't even like peanuts... hahaa.. j/k. ya so i get skimpy checks cause i work for a cheap place. grr... but anyway.... i had to buy some b.c.pills -$30, needed cash -$20, paid some of a bill -$100, and i have to pay another $35 bill, so take that out, and what do you have afterwards? one broke ass sarah. ya, my paycheck was about 230$, for 30 hrs work...::sigh::.... i was making more money per hour right out of high school, for a not as demanding job.
time to find a new job that pays me what i'm worth

well, boys done showering now, looks like i'll go and do some facepainting...

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