February 27th, 2002



another wednesday night spent at chateau misty.
what does the evening hold in store for us?
well, ty doesn't have class, so he will be there... so will her uncle... who i guess is going to be staying w/them for a while till he finds a job and an apt here.
now off i go, i'm hungry and we're ordering pizza and getting beer.

*chanting* beer beer beer beer beer beer WWWWEEEEEEEOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ignore me cause i've had a few too many beers


Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker


good topic. i've always wanted to own a firearm. why you ask? why not? it's my right. i have the ability, so why not? there's nothing wrong w/guns, and i feel comfortable around them. more than anything i would love to take some classes and learn how to properly fire a gun.... and not just any gun, my own gun. i know some of you out there don't see what the big deal is. i mean... if i don't feel threatened why have one? well.. because i want one. just like you want the things you do. i'm sorry, but there are some stances i take, and the ability to own a firearm is one to take seriously, because what if, one day, we aren't allowed to have them? what then? who do you think will have all the guns? hmm... easy answer, the government. and what kind of situation would that put citizens in? if there ever came a need for them how would we come by them? i'm sure we would find a way... but it would be a whole hell of a lot easier if people already had the right to own a gun.

i know some of you may come up with the argument "well, what if they get into the hands of the wrong people? what then?" well, i'm sorry, this is where my inhumane side comes into play... oh well. big deal. it's been going on for ages... and i would personally rather see people getting shot than getting hacked to bits by machetes. and you think a machete is a bit old school... well, it wasn't in 1994... rwanda seemed to have a plethora of them lying around.

guns don't kill people, people kill people.


and that's all i have to say about that... after a few beers i'll go over just about any topic.