March 3rd, 2002


"straight to the head like a chronic sack..."

so last night leigh took me on our first "real" date after having dated since mid october. it was nice... we went to an italian restaurant called the pink door it's really ..... hrm, what's the word i want for it? i don't know... but it was nice :) it was in post alley in the pike place market. good food... good wine... good company
then we went out to theater sports, that was funny! i enjoyed myself so much... too bad i had gone to the gym because laughing was killing my abs... so...much....pain!.....
love you leigh

today i found out i've got family in and also australia. wOOt!! :) us leverentz's have to represent!!! hehee...

so today was supposed to be dedicated to the building of my cardboard chair... but i've got my dads family over for dinner... (i just found this out as i walked thru the door this morning...) so i can't exaclty do my homework right in front of them while they're eating.


on the brighter side of things (aka: the west side of my house) we went to the grocery store today. got MADD amounts of food goods. wOOt!! so now i can't complain for at least one week about the food here....

got the birds some new toys, and now gomer is sharing his cage w/the little still un-named baby bird. HLP PLS THX!!!

hopefully i'll get to go to dantes tomorrow... i'll work on this damn chair ALL night if i have to... :) no french class on monday or tuesday ::dances:: but i do have to work... oh well :)

ok, i'm gonna cut this short and go do something... non productive.

::sigh:: i'm such a lazy ass.... hopefully i'll get to the gym tonight.
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    2pac - How Do You Want it

dubtribe sound it now

you say, you're lonely
don't care any more
emptiness abounds and the love surrounds the hole, inside your heart
you feel so sad and it's never been this bad..... before
don't wanna change the world not gonna change your mind
but i'll only say that if you stay that love is what you'll find, but you're gone

cause love takes so long

you say, you're empty
don't feel anymore
loneliness abounds and the music pounds surrounds around and around and around
you're moving way to fast, move like nothing ever lasts
just keep on...pushin'
could be anything you want, you'll do anything you feel
love is all around you but you don't belive it's real just be fearless fearless...
baby be fearless....
do it now...