March 6th, 2002



it kinda sucks being away from the computer for so long... because once i get back i have to go and read everyones posts just to catch up... there's no way i can comment on some of the things from a day or two ago... blah. so much reading, and i don't even like reading. good thing you guys are interesting... otherwise my normally surpressed ADD would kick in and i would find something else to do...

la la laaa... reading reading reading... la la laaaa......
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haha, say that five times fast!

sunday - ate w/family, grandma is now using a walker aka: her iron pony, made cardboard chair for art 124, took 3 hours (due tues).

monday - french was cancelled, went to work, home, dantes. good times, great...oldies? drank a few. smoked a few. & then it was off to leighs house.

"everytime i hear your song, you fade away..."

tuesday - no french again, other classes at school, turned in chair, didn't end up playing musical chairs. thank God. critique when well. they said mine looked more like art, even tho it was a fully functional chair (ie: you could sit in it) and that it also looked more finished... that somehow i paid more attention to the little details. heh. i talked to a bunch of people in my class and they spent at least 8 hours over 2 weeks on theirs. wOOt to me! i told the class that my chair was comissioned by God. hahaa... that i had a plan made, when out to grab the cardboard, saw that i could make a chair out of what was there w/out having to modify much... and there it was. God wanted me to make this chair. one guy said i was trippin. :P he's just jealous. but seriously, i just went w/the flow .... it was nice. after school i went and visited paul. he's sick. *sniffle* that sucks. then i met up w/erik, we went to red robin (i ate too much) and dantes (i drank a lot and had to pee, but didn't get any buzz...) for some seven games of pool. i actually won one game and not by technical flaws! ::sigh:: i'm so proud. nevermind i sunk the 8ball first thing on the game after that... oh well... at least i try, right... RIGHT?!? poor erik, i have a tendency to scratch, and i think by the time we quit i had rubbed off on him considerably.
haven't see erik in a while. it was good to catch up... sometimes catching up can be a bitch tho... especially if you haven't seen that person in a long time... i mean, what do you leave out? and what's relevant? good times tho... gonna have to do it again so everything is more current.
after all that i went to leighs, then we went to a few stores cause i didn't bring an extra change of clothes, cause i didn't realize i was gonna be staying the night there again. silly me.
"blue skies inside my mind... blue skies inside my mind...."

that leaves us w/today... i didn't go to french, attempted to move devons car cause i didn't realize it was parked behind mine until i heard the door close as he was leaving for school. lucky he had a spare key in the apt. got it moved.... devon i'm sorry if i hurt your car, i know how to drive cars that have a clutch, but your car just wasn't as easy as the others. came home. sat on my ass here in front of the computer.
played w/the birds... and now the still un-named baby bird is yelping in my ear.


now i get ready for work... just realized that today is wednesday and wednesday = day w/gidget aka: misty

i go buh bye now.
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and now i go to work. what fun. what joy. i can barely contain myself... oh wait, yes i can.

good thing it's wednesday, i like working on wednesday because i start earlier, which means i get out earlier. yea for the 1-6 shift!
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