March 7th, 2002


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whats going on
so sleepy
thinking about things
not about things
what about life
meets that nonsensical way
just about her
what do you think
sometimes i do
very rarely
so cold
want to sleep
musics good
not now
watches the stars
makes amends
sometimes stressful
can't pretend
this is rhyming
i don't like
just be my friend
goes to bed.


woke up late & i'll be missing french... again.
i'm such a dip shit, i should have gone yesterday, but i was up too late the night before...
staying at leighs over the school week is bad for me.
today it was my alarms. i didn't realize that they weren't set for my regular wake up time... oh no... they were set for later. agh!::hand slaps forehead::
so now i miss another day. i could try and make it to class, but i would be hitting the peak of rush hour, and i would also be very rushed and then would end up feeling slightly irratable.

i wanna skip my other class too now... i wish i could just skip them all, but unfortunetly i can't.


i'm almost happy i won't be going to school next quarter.
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up & down

my tummy has been doing loops these past couple of weeks. one moment i'll be all queasy, then... i'm better, up & down on & on it goes. damn, i wish i would just puke already! get it over with. this morning is no different... so now i'm eating again to make it go away. it seems to happen if i get low on food.

and no, i'm not a preggo. i know this for a fact.

my guess is that it's the flu, and it's just waiting until i have finals to finally rear it's big ugly head. that would make sense....
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i missed a quiz in my french class this morning.
fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


this french prof is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is going to allow me to make up my french quiz even tho i didn't have an emergency. i guess it pays to be honest.

in other news: i got a raise and a really good 120 day review at work

::happy dance::happy dance::happy dance::

i would like to thank the academy, my mom & dad, my little sister... my birds gomer and beaker (yes andrew, the name stuck... so thank you!) my previous bitch boss who taught me how to work hard, fast and accurately....::sigh::....

this is turning out to be a good day.
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it's always good to know what kind of shit you are...

because one day that information might come in handy. :P.:pfft:.

I am A Floater .

Floaters, the free birds of the shit family. Floaters drift through life without a care in the world, taking everything with a grain of salt, and smiling the whole way though. But friend of floaters are far and few in between. Because of there lofty views and social behavior, floaters tend to seem like they just don't give a damn about anything, the reason being, because they usually don't.
What Kinda Shit Are You?