March 10th, 2002


my mom should make up new words

so tonight during dinner my mom busts out some pens from her purse. she gives each of us one (me, my sister and my dad) they are really awesome pens, and so we are testing them out on the napkins, and my mom is showing my dad how nicely they write.... nice dark thick lines.... well instead of her letting him actually test the pen she is giving to him, she writes "pen" on a napkin. i then tell her "why don't you let dad use it...since it is his pen now..."

so she hands the pen to my dad, and he grabs the napkin she wrote "pen" on and attached "is" to the end of it. making the word "penis" ..... hahahaaa... funny dad.
no wait... there's more

so the brain that my mom is, pipes up "too bad you spelled it wrong" ya... we started laughing... really really hard........
me: so how is it spelled mom?
mom: with a "us"
me: so that would make it "pen-us"
mom: ya
everybody is cracking up, repeating my moms word penus. then my dad and i think it would be a great idea if we named the new bird penus... so when we come home my dad and i chime in "hi penus" to the bird

ya. needless to say my mom is upset with us... but it's not our fault! she should know better.....

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i got my hair cut on saturday... it's shorter than i wanted, but oh well... it'll grow back... eventually. :P
so i decided i would take some pics to capture it's shortness...but... i ended up goofing around w/the camera more than expected...
you can see it's shortness best in this pic too bad it's a little too dark. oh well
i look like i'm gonna sneeze in this pic... or i just ate a bug....
last but not least, a decent pic.. but i think i have about a billion others that look like this...however in this one my face is all washed out. damn bright lights.

ok, i go to "bed" now... even tho i slept until 5pm today, i would rather be in bed trying to get more sleep and catch up instead of get behind by sitting on the net late into the night so, ta ta!
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