March 11th, 2002


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shoulder muscles are burning.
i wish i had a live in masseuse
need to finish this glass of milk and take some veeeetamens...
register for school next quarter... if there are any classes i need left.

(no subject)

oh ... sorry about that.
i was just letting out some aggression.....because i can't try and register for school until next quarter starts. FAWK!
::sigh:: oh well. c'est la vie.... a'-w4b 07trv[]0...oops.... it slipped again

bird names

*Gomer, Kind of Shitsonyourshoulders
*Sir Beaker Penus III

now i drink beer in celebration of their coronation
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ouh baby....

tonight is bath night... screw the shower, i'm gonna take a nice hot bubble bath!
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my friend is seeing this guy... so she says to me over icq "Im such a sucker for his cacknbawls"

hehehee.... i know what she means. *wink*
hi leigh!
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