March 13th, 2002



another wednesday, another dollar... earned!! and... well ... i'll be spending it later.

slept a lot... had a bunch of crazy dreams
#1. i was a preggo... and so was misty, but i was continuing to take my birth control pills and smoke cloves. (i don't like that...)
#2. i was at the mall...... don't remember what exactly i was doing, but... this dream might have been a continuation of the previous... but i know for sure that it carries into the next.....
#3. i was in a lion den, like the kind you find at the zoos... but, it was attached to the mall (hopefully they threw me in there because i was smoking & eating b.c.p.s while pregnant) but i was with that guy who founded wendys... (his name escapes me right now...) and a kid (?) and some other chick... umm... we were hiding from 3 lions (there was 3 levels, all open so that if you are on the top you can look down on the bottom two..) and then oh, his name's dave thomas... well, he goes to the top level (cause we all were on level two) and he was gonna get the lions up there so that we could get out the door on the bottom floor, but he fell off the tree that was up there, and then the lions saw us, so we had to climb up to the top level to get into the trees... the lions were waiting at the bottom and started to get up, and then we realized that the trees couldn't hold our weight, and were going to go crashing down to the lions, so right when they *the trees* broke i told everyone to jump onto the land so that the trees would fall on the lions... well, it worked, and the lions were stuck under the trees. (there were 3 right, well one was a mom, dad, and kid, but the kid didn't get stuck under a tree) they were still alive.... so then i realized that i still had my cell phone and was gonna call someone for help, but when i looked for it i saw that it was laying by the lions, who were yes under the trees, but still able to claw... so i went down there, grabbed it... and one of them swiped at me, but i got out of the way. then i saw that i was right by the door to leave, and i tried to open it, but it was LOCKED! so i was stuck.
then i kinda woke up.

all i know is that there was a dream w/in a dream last night, and this was the first time i've woken up, then fallen back to sleep just to pick up in the dream i left off in. agh.

oh ya, and the lions weren't really lions, they were people... go figure.
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bacardi silver is NOT good unless you really wanna smell like alcohol. ugh... the taste at first is just God awful! blah blah blah

my evening has been fairly laid back. went to work, then home to eat, then to mistys, then to amour on the boulevard to get a toy, then back to mistys, watched some tele... specifically celebrity boxing. now that's some funny shit.

hrm. now i've got to do some french homework and study for a quiz tomorrow. fun stuff.

tomorrow = long day from HELL

::sigh:: i better not spend much time on here or i will be the grumpiest girl in the world by tomorrow evening/Friday morning.

oh... i need two AA batteries... anyone have any spare??
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