March 17th, 2002


good stuff....

so my neighbor needed to borrow an egg, and since we have eggs in surplus for some odd reason I let her have one. shoot... I would have given her five we have so damn many....anyway...
so just now she brought us over some of the cookies she made as a thank you :) (oh and they are peanut butter, my FAVOURITE!)

it pays to be good and kind.
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here is my new lj entry Andrew.


ode to veee-ta-mens....
veee-ta-mens veee-ta-mens make me strong
so I can be da bomb
veee-ta-mens veee-ta-mens I have you everyday
even tho you can make me decay
veee-ta-mens veee-ta-mens for my bones
and can even help me blood flow

ok, that poem isn't working for me right now.

funny story... when I was a little kid wait, not that little... maybe just a few years older... anyway... I would eat birdseed by the handfulls.
the end

my mom is dancing like a monkey in my room now. great. I like her elaine from seinfield dance better. ::sigh:: now y'all know why I am the way I am...

I post song after it finishes uploading.

another story from my childhood, when I played w/barbies, I had a SHIT load of barbie dolls, a few midge dolls (the better looking one) and a couple of skippers and one ken. (lucky bastard) well... I used to pretend that barbie & associates were well, not a cyber club, but playboy bunnies.... ya... and midge and barbie were bi too. lucky ken.
the end
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this is a really good song.

update: I just realized I didn't even bother to sell the song... make it sound appealing to the audience for download, so here I go... the name of the song is 'in the trees' (original disco mix) it's by Faze Action. the best way I can describe it is downtempo disco house. it's really chill... violins, cellos, a good drum beat... has a vocaless jamiroquai sound to it. please, download and let me know what you think.
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i've eaten far too many cookies in one day.

that can't be good

update: now eating some salad to make up for my bad cookie consumption.
ewww... that stinks


i go take bath now... hopefully it will help me feel better.
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