March 18th, 2002

ewww... that stinks

last night

was not good at all.
I fell asleep w/a light on, and my contacts in. ugh. woke up at 3am and finally took them out and turned it off... but why did I wake up at 3am? oh... because I was coughing my lungs out. it really fuckin hurt too... :P
back in bed.... dreams dreams dreams. I can't remember them really... but why can't they leave me alone and let me get some freggin rest?!?!! i'm sick for fucks sake. ::sigh::
ok, i'll quit w/the cussing.
so last night was really just me waking up sporadically coughing like a wild banshee.... due to all that my throat is scratchy and I can't sing to my music cause my voice is all crazy crackly. ::sigh::

i'm gonna go have myself some veeeetamin C and a cup o tea.
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ewww... that stinks


now sarah, i sure am hearing an awful lot of "i can'ts" and not nearly enough "i cans".....

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    Everything But The Girl - Before Today
ewww... that stinks

are ya a pothead fokker?

agh. my dad is calling me a pot head
dad: "denise, your daughter's a pothead!"
me: "no i'm nooooot!!"
dad: "oh man, you're high...." [enters my room] ::sniff:sniff:: "yep..."

AGH! are they always this difficult?
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