March 21st, 2002

ewww... that stinks

a;vpoiw4me;49a5rj293nrals,fej <---- otherwise known as a "i'm gonna bitch" post

i'm mad. grrrrr.....
ok, so my "little" sister is my height, but weighs about 25-30lbs more than me... so i tell her, if you are gonna borrow my clothes DON'T borrow the shirts that are tight on me, cause once you wear them they don't fit me quite right anymore.

so what does she do?!?!!
she borrows ONLY the shirts that used to fit me tight... AGH!!!

i'm so fucking pissed.

she doesn't have to pay for her clothes, she gets money from our parents, so basically she doesn't work to pay for things, so she doesn't really have respect for things... esp if they aren't hers.

fucking bitch.
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ewww... that stinks

run down

on how things go
dantes Monday, stole the show
got hit on by a canadian
sorry yo, my face won't glow

Tuesday rolls right around
slowly bringing on my frown
getting more sick
went to work and felt the flow
(there's more to this...)
ah yes, i know
jess came over to say yo
worked on art project
got done befo four!

got some sleep then it was Wednesday morn
woke up and.... looked at porn?
took a final w/leigh, i aced that mo fo
napped 2.5 hours then i KICKED SOME FUCKING ASS WITH MY ART PROJECT!!!!!
turned out well,
props from the prof...
she even shut down that damn fucking annoying professional student.

last night, Wednesday night
cooked for brad
we ate spaghetti, drank wine and watched traffic.
then it was leighs for a little... um uh huh
slept zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday's here i got up at one
feeling like TOTAL CRAP
progressed throughout the day
went to work and kicked some MORE ass....
::sigh:: slightly delirious w/the headache & slightly feverish
lower ab & back pain making me want to KEEL OVER AND DIE.

now i'm here. all alone
with lots on my mind
and no sort of... tone?

thinking of stuff makes me feel even worse.
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i got retro pay from my raise ... :o) woo hoo, 10$ extra this paycheck!

now i let the sandman come and take me away.....
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