March 22nd, 2002


insert witty subject topic here.

sleep last night was difficult. took way too long to get there, and once i was there it was like i was walking on a tight rope... any sudden movement (or in my case sound) and i would fall off.
this morning was no different, woke up to the usual loudness of my family, namely my little sisters radio blaring. boom boom boom
"oops, sorry sarah, i didn't mean to wake you...."
your sorrys mean NOTHING to me .... puny mortal ::humph::

now i think i'll go back to bed since they all have left and the house is, once again, silent.

in other news: i did HORRIBLY in french 301. ::sigh:: but is was a better grade than i got in 203 ::bashes head on desk::

kill me PLS
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