March 26th, 2002


are you hungry?

i was... then i made myself a tuna sandwich. yummy... twas good. would have been better if i had some tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. ::drools::

grade related news: i've slammed my head on my desk just now. why? because i got a 2.5 in french. AGH! i could have done better. that's me w/no effort... whereas me w/no effort in art i get a 3.6. ::sigh::

does any of this matter anyway? why are we so interested in complicating our lives? it's all about the benjamins... or so they make it out to seem. if that's the case wow we're a sad bunch. living just for the drive/desire of money. one of the reasons i don't want to get married, and i don't want to have kids is because it's so much damn money! i would rather just look out for my own skin than other peoples....
don't mind me, i'm just a whiny bitch today

in other news: dantes last night was... (as mobley puts it) dantes. i wasn't in the most social of moods. sorry i was in uber complacent mode. self analyzing and stuff.... as well as analyzing other aspects of my life. i have this desire to move, to get away, to start over. i need a change of pace... and i won't be satisfied with just a new quarter, or a new job, or a new love. i need a major change. i believe i am wanting my known world to be turned upside down.

last week while i was on my way to a final i had this feeling as though a chapter of my life was closing. this wasn't a new feeling for me, but it does only come around every once and a while. it was a good feeling, made me feel as though there is some hope for my future. something new and exciting just around the corner.

if i had the money i would be outta here.

right now i'll be outta here cause i need to shower.
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