March 30th, 2002


ode to sex

sex is good
sex is great

sex will help one stay in shape

writhing bodies up & down

sometimes make that 'slap slap' sound
in & out yes fast & slow

makes one take on quite a glow

feel it build

quiver & shake
don't stop now or you just might break

reaching zenith

can't stop now

let your body break the pound
like a flood

a giant wave

cumming "out" is quite the rave

moral of the story is: have fun cleaning up the jizz.......ewwwwwwww...........jizz.....

feels good, but it feels so good

oh yes indeedy doo....

if we love it if we love it if we love eachother
  • Current Music
    2 Bad Mice - bombscare (94 remix)


took too long to fall asleep last night. hmmm... i think it actually came to me sometime around 230 ugh.
so now here i am about to get ready for work. ugh. i thought i was getting away from Saturday workdays... apparently not.
looks like i'll be taking a nap after work.
need to stay rested for:
a) spending time w/leighs family
b) going out tonight