April 5th, 2002


leggo my eggo!!!!

you fucking bitch.

last night i had a dream about legos. it was odd... i was in a store, with jessica, and we were buying legos for my cousins and it was easter. and everybody at my grandmas house ate easter dinner w/out us.
strange. i think that means i'm going crazy...................hey wait a minute.......i already knew that!!! SCAMMER! it's a trick.

today: deposit check, get oil change for mah car, update & fax resumee, get bday gift for jessica go on secret shopping mission.

kickin it all boyE stylE today. aka: w/leigh. the boy.

"round & round & round & round &feel the energy rush up to your face... round & round & round & round & feel the house music steady steady poundin......." two bad mice - bombscare (94 remix)
such a good song... i will post it sometime...

now, i get ready for the day. i have a lot to do and don't wanna blow my whole day just fartin around the house. cause that's gross. & i don't wanna be gross. ew. icky. gross.

love y'all

"if we love it if we love it if we love eachother... sweet daddy bring it on down..."
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(no subject)

leah: [comes in and sits on my bed, she's there for about a half minute]
me: [turns and looks at her]
leah: my feet are really warm right now (she is sitting indian style)
me: that's because you are sitting on my heating pad
leah: OH, that's why.... i was wondering why they were so warm all of a sudden.

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