April 9th, 2002


take a trip

and hold my hand
while i take you to never never land......

it's been a while, yes i know.... and now i will make you suffer with a nice and lengthy entry. lucky you.... let's see ... where should i begin?

last saturday was lets go to pullman and visit jessica day with misty aka: gidget or... proho we planned on departing around 1030am, so that means we actually got out of town around 1230. eep! i had some stuff to do before hand... namely get my car an oil change and some gasoline. wweeee hooooo......
the drive this time wasn't nearly so unbearable as last... last time = six hours, this time= 4.5 hours... would have been faster if i didn't have a bladder the size of a walnut. wooooo...... misty and i entertained ourselves w/the knowledge that if you are going to grow grass and have a HUGE lawn, you need it to be flat... you can't play croquet or volley ball on a hill... silly people. next time thru there we are going to give them that memo.. .cause i don't think they got it. oh... and when you start to hit dirt, you raise the blade on your over sized mower. grass will be too short otherwise... ;o)

so there is this town, it houses about 2880 people. very small... at any rate it's about 15 miles from pullman, it's called colfax. about 20 miles before colfax i had to pee... but i decided to hold it because we were only about 30 minutes away. no problem i thought (no, i don't pee my pants in this story!) so we get into colfax, and last time i drove i was coming over a hill, 20 mph over the speed limit, a cop musta clocked me cause he pulled out and followed me all the way thru town. so this time i made sure to go the speed limit..... and all was well.
we got into pullman, shit, we were on wash. state univ. (which shall now be referred to as "wazzu") campus and i think "oh won't it be funny if we call jessica and tell her that i got a ticket in colfax??" heh. what did i know...
so misty gets her celly out and gives jess a ring... she tells jess i got a ticket in colfax and it was about 100$ and blah blah blah... jess responds with i told you so's and listen to me next times..... amused we hang up telling her we had just pulled into pullman and will be there shortly. i still have to pee...
karma can be a bitch...

no more than about 10 seconds after misty hangs up the phone and i'm coming down a hill i see a cop sitting at the bottom, i put my breaks on realizing that i was going kinda fast for the area... i hadn't even passed the cop when he turns on his lights and pulls me over. CRAP!! this is the first time i've ever been pulled over. and i have a really really bad tendency to speed.....
cop: good day mam (do i really look old enough to be called mam?) how are you today?
me: i have to pee!!!
cop: [chuckling] you know what the speed limit is here?
me: umm... 25?
cop: no, it's 20... do you know how fast you were going
me: i don't think i wanna know
cop: you were going 33...
me: damn.
cop: can i see your license and registration?
me: [fumbling around trying to find the updated registration] here, i think this is the updated one [now finding the tabs i was supposed to have put on my plates over a month ago]
cop: ya, this is the current one... and according to this your tabs are expired.
me: oh no, i have the sticker here [handing it to him] it's just that it's been cold and wet in seattle, and it says not to put on in those conditions
cop: ok, well make sure you get it on there... so you get speeding tickets often?
me: no... you're my first!.....
cop: oh i'm your first really... well in that case i'll let you off w/a warning.
me: oh thank you
cop: [goes back to car and writes up warning, comes back a few minutes later] ok... now you have to promise me that you won't speed again.
me: ok....[stlll having to pee]

then i turned the corner and about 100feet away was jessicas dorm. agh!
nice cop.... i think sometimes it helps to be a girl.

after that misty and i went into jess' dorm and freshened up. (i finally got to go pee...) and then we went over to her architecture studio. i saw bunnies and called leigh, then we got inside and i proceeded to embarrass jess.... she shows us the model she's working on for class... i start going off on how it's the wrong scale.....barbie can't fit in there. (yes, there were other students in there working... they all stopped and listened/laughed at the little episode i put on...) jess had pics up of her brothers wedding (which i shot) as well as pics from the last time misty and i visited her... i start telling the girl that sits by jess how i took this and this and this and this and this and this picture, and that's me in that and that picture.... i think the chick was amused. then we walked around and looked at all the other models... i then told jess it would be a really good idea, and in her best interest if when she was done w/the model and the grade was received that we set the model on fire and put little lego people in there w/expressions of horror on their faces and take pics... hehehee... poor jess. i think she was beyond embarrassed at this point...

next on schedule: moscow........idaho that is. there is a mall there that was in need of our approval. so after misty bought a few pairs of pants we went back to pullman and decided to eat..... italian it was. FUCK. can we say too much garlic? you could smell the plate from canada i swear!! needless to say i stank....::sigh:: oh well... good for the blood eh? keeps vampires.. .or boys, away.

get more ready for going out..... then off to shakers we go. wOOt!
excuse me, the music's stopped... must find something else

at shakers. 1030. more packed this time than last... found a table (it was for 5, there were 3 of us....) sit down, proceeded to drink double sex on the beaches. two boys come up. according to them we are old. (the oldest of us being misty at the ripe old age of 22...wait.... that's not old!) strange... we are in a bar... where you have to be 21 to get in... how are we old? get lost..... oh what? you want us to come to a club w/you? no! not after you call us old... duh. :P then two more guys came up and sat w/us... these two were more "normal" ... whatever that is.... then more of their friends joined us at the table. one girl out of the five or six boys... she seemed agitated. they kicked it w/us until the downstairs opened (this is the area the contained the cages w/poles) midnight. club opens. they weren't into the booty shakin so they give us their address in case we wanna... post funk?

time to get down. shook my bon bon.... we requested poison from belve did devoe or whatever their name is.... it got played... i had fun.... now remember you must dance with the cage... not just in it.... (so many girls can't cage dance.) i should do this professionally (i think to myself) why not? all the guys are watching... and trying not to get caught. heh. the cage we were in had an opening, one side mirrored, and the other two sides faced the dance floor... i looked at this guy dancing w/a girl on the dance floor... they weren't freak dancing... so i figured they were prolly a couple. i notice he's looking in the mirror... hmm... what is he looking at i wonder, i look over and find that his gaze is on me. haha. i caught him... so quickly he looked away. at one point i had a girl the was on the dance floor trying so hard to get my attention, and once she got it she came up to the cage and tried to dance w/me...

it was going good until they played crappy trance. darude *gag* do dododododdo. AGH!! i was yelling "say no to bad trance!!!" doing the running mad... overall throwing a hissy fit. ::shrug:: so we left... it was last call anyway... better to leave ahead of the crowd. going thru the crowd guys were trying to get me to talk to them... sorry. i'm a bitch. fuck off was my expression... heh... actually it was more like "huh? me speak only six words english..."

since it was spring forward an hour time, but we weren't yet sleepy, we decided to go and visit those people we had met earlier. i had a few more beers, smoked part of a bowl... had an overall chill time.

drove back... talked to leigh... slightly frustrated......
went to bed around 5, woke up around 8/830.... got ready and went back to the mall.... we had gotten kicked out cause it was closing the evening before. girls bought clothes, and i thought about how i'm trying to save money, and since this trip cost about 80$ i couldn't spend anymore.

got some things for the trip back. said bye to jess... and started out journey home. the weather was nice, so it made the drive fairly pleasant. we stopped for lunch in othello... 30 min lunch at subway.....(ummm...good food....) then got back on the road. we made it in 4.5 hours. would have been 4 if we didn't stop for lunch.

we were so dehydrated. we had bought a 1.5 liter bottle of water in pullman, and didn't have to pee until home... or slightly before. that's sad... cause we had finished the bottle of water somewhere in the mountains.

alcohol units: 5 double sex on the beaches and two beers
clove units: one pack. (minus the two leigh had friday night, the one marcus had friday night, the one jess had at the bar, and the one some guy had...) no more for me for a while....

sunday night was recoup time... took a nice hot bath, watched a movie w/my dad "final destination" then went to bed. slept lots and lots...

worked monday. went well.... then had dinner w/my family... my sister, leah, had a friend named leah over..... that proved to be quite interesting... then it was off to dantes. for a night of... what the fuck?!?! karaoke? AGGHGHHH NOOOO!!!!!... apparently it's a new thing... every monday night..... i don't know how long i will be able to stomach it....::sigh::

awh. devon's gleeful & full of joy :o) ahhh... printemps... c'est beau, c'est heureux....

today: woke up. had a meeting w/an art advisier. he put me into the photo major. now all i have to do is submit a portfolio after autumn quarter to really be in the course. wOOt. but...::sigh::... three more years left! AGH!! ::pulls out hair:: well... at least it's in photography... i'll live and love it!

speaking of photography, i dropped off some film from this weekend and a roll of color slide film.... i already got the pics from the weekend back... and all i have to say is UGH!!! the pics emphasized my oh so bad skin. *bleh* i get to pick up the other film in about 30 min.... wOOt! :o)

had lunch w/my mom today... and one of her coworkers. it was nice... a little odd tho... we went to a restaurant in china town, it was called chinois, which is chinese in french, but they served japanese, thai and chinese food there... hrm. i think they should rename their restaurant, or at least just serve what the sign suggests. oh well.. dumb americans... most probably don't know what day it is anyway. so i'm sure they wouldn't notice... overall good food tho :o)

well... i should think about going and getting leigh from school now... so he doesn't have to walk in the rain.
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