April 15th, 2002

ewww... that stinks

i don't want a phone that never rings, i want your love

bored bored bored.
this photo is just absolutely priceless. isn't my little cousin a cutie?? that was easter at the Wasilewski house. weeeeee..... at least there was alcohol! this is another pic taken at easter... weee....

now that i have photos on my mind, i really should remember to post some of my artsy fartsy slide pics... yaa.....i should.......

weekend was good. lotsa stuff happened. (which can also be translated into "too much money spent"<---of course that would just so happen to be money i don't really have to spend....
friday- concert w/leigh & devon... definetly a testosterone concert. yupyup.
saturday- um. dinner w/leighs family, plus marcus & devon at the spaghetti factory. they've got some pretty inexpensive/strong drinks there... then it was off to gregs house to toke it up and watch The Marathon Man, starring dustin hoffman. good movie, i can see now why some people might not like going to the dentist.
sunday- leighs bday... the days activities went like this :wake up, eat, sex, sleep, eat, sex and then back to sleep. great no? i enjoyed myself... like always.

in other news i haven't felt like posting lately... could you tell? so this will be my attempt at posting when i really don't want to. ya... something is twisting my arm...OUCH! that hurts......

not going to dantes tonight, don't feel like listening to people sing karaoke.
hrm. anything great happen today? not really. just worked. got to listen to my coworkers talk about themselves. it was entertaining though... i work w/an interesting group of people... that's for damn sure.

i think i'll be going to bed soon... my sleep schedule has been whack lately. it's the boys fault!
should be looking for jobs online, but instead i'm gonna reply to a few comments & an email then shower and go to "bed"
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