April 18th, 2002

ewww... that stinks

dream on dream away....

oh, speaking of dreams i had yet another bad dream revolving around leigh.... it really sucks because when i wake up my stomach is always in a knot. it's really irritating. of all the dreams i can have these are the only ones that irritate me, or push me over the edge.

enough about that. i don't want to think about it more than i already have.

last night i felt like crap. and not just a fresh pile of crap on a nice green lawn, oh no... i felt like the kind of crap that's on a street corner walked all over and rained on.
it all started w/dinner... i had cereal and i think the milk was old... cause it didn't stay in my body for long. however afterwards i felt so much better, so i trecked over to mistys apt after having a beer (because beer can make everything ok... right?) and there i proceeded to have five more beers. i felt fine when i left her place, but when i got home i started to get a headache, so i downed 1.5 liters of water. stomach was upset, room was spinning (cause i was laying down) head hurt. it carried over into the morning.... woke up at about 8 just feeling like that same piece of crap... this time only walked around town on the underside of someones shoe. after finally attempting to sleep, and after a bad dream, i woke up and now i'm feeling ok.....
i guess i got what i paid for?

work is really starting to irritate me.
enough on that.

ummm... i just ate some toast. ummm....toast.....................

i just wanna be a lazy sloth today... but i really should focus on getting to work early. that would be good.
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