April 19th, 2002


fresh from america's heartland

it's getting to that point again where it's becoming really difficult for me to post on a daily basis. hrm. good thing it's just a phase

so yesterday was grrrrreat. lemmie see, i went to work, got there about 15 min early, clocked out about 2 min early. got my paycheck, they jiped me 5.5 hours. ::sigh:: so i have to wait for next paycheck to get that money. so i'll be uber broke till then. hrm. i was informed via email that i can start working more. wOOt!! my schedule will be 9-530 Monday - Thursday! yea!!! i'll be getting real paychecks!!! after work i met up w/papini for a few drinks... we decided on azteca cause they have HUGE margaritas and nachos. alas, when we got there it was closed... at 1030!! :P.:pfft:. so we decided to go to applebees... had a few drinks (black opal & peach margarita) & frys, then my coworkers jenny & lisa called up, they were at the scoreboard having some drinks, and since papini & i were done w/ours we decided it would be in our best interest to treck over there. so i had two guiness' and when it was last call jenny realized that she knew someone there. his name's george... so since he smokes we went w/him to his apt, then to his house... (dude sells a lot....) i was pretty toast cause we smoked in his car on the way to his house... and once we got there he rolled a blunt. i was so worthless i opted for no more.
i can't smoke like i used to. ::sniffle::
finally got home around 315ish? in bed around 345? and i slept and slept and slept until 3pm. damn i'm a lazy ass!!

so what does today have in store for me? well... i need to clean up my room as well as other parts of the house, then sometime around 7 i'm going over to papinis house for a candle party....weeeee.....pfft. i just need to show my homegirl some support... plus her b/f is my cannibus hook up.....and since tomorrow is 4.20 i will need some items for celebration. then later on tonight it's off to a party in a condo down in belltown. 20th floor baby oh ya.... it should be fun, we don't really know the people all that well, but the last time i hung out with them they proved to be good entertaining individuals. i'm excited.... i like last minute plans, or plans that are destined to change at any moment.

ya so i have a day ahead of me!
it's nice because it's starting to get dark later now... i could still see sunlight in the sky at 9pm last night... :o) now all it needs to do is warm up a bit....

ok, i'm off to prepare for the day..... or what's left of it anyway....
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bendin me over 69 will be the next thing
i wanna taste your body, all night long
from sun up to sun down i wanna make you moan...
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