April 24th, 2002



today i wake up and i have a little tiny wheezing sound when i breath in deep, no cough, i can breathe out my nose, it's not running and my appetite is back!!! yea!! looks like i'm on the fast track to recovery... so far. now if my nose starts running at work i know i'm allergic to something in the building, then i will have to demand that they have the ventilation cleaned, otherwise i'm a no work employee... or something. hrm. ?

no memorable dreams last night. drats.

i woke up to a lot of loud beats coming from my sisters room... i wish i could say they were beets, cause that would be really funny... but alas, they were beats. ::sigh:: i felt like i was in the jungle when her "music" was playing... i put that in quotes cause the only bit of the "song" i could hear was the bassline... too bad it wasn't d&b cause then it would have had a nice soothing bassline... oh well. i'll convert her... some.......day..............

and now i fill my belly with breakfasty goodness and make myself a lunch for work. weeeee........

"i can see the sun shiiiiinnneee eh eh eeeeyaaaeeeeya [insert hhc beat here]"

LOOK!!! another one of my purdE pick-chureS
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now you're lost and you're lethal

hrm. or maybe it's my dinner that's lethal.
cold garlic pizza and a sapporo..... which is some damn good beer!!

feeling so much better today :o) wOOt!
work went well, was fairly productive, i talked to my boss about a site that's been causing some problems. hopefully she'll get it fixed... but apparently it's been problematic for sometime... hrm. hope they listen to me.

i had a very good breakfast and lunch... now i'm killing that w/this crap. oh well... i'll prolly eat more later cause i'm a EATING MACHINE...hoooahhhhh....

i think i'll go to the gym. yayaa.... hrm. probably not.

took a walk w/gidget on my afternoon break. it was nice, i wish i had worn my sweater tho... we saw two little bunny rabbits!! they were oh so cute... just chillin... being all cute & shit by the side of the walk..... and then this HUGE monster truck popped up over the curb and ran those little bunnies down, and then the bunnies got all crazy mad like ninjas and one started biting on the monster trucks tires, while the other flew thru the drivers open window and clung onto the guys throat with his sharp bunny fangs!!!! and then the monster truck drove off this 5000000 foot cliff into a revine of sharp pointy rocks!! then there was this HUGE nuclear explosion and the earth started to sink in and all these dinosaurs from the center of the earth started to climb out and they ate my office building!!!!!
other than that our walk was pretty uneventful. ::sigh::

ok, nothing more. wait... i will post another pic! oh lucky you guys... :P so since it's about that time for the sun to be going down into the ocean... here's a little pic to help it along because frankly i don't think it's gonna be a beautiful sunset this evening...

see the little seagull?
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