April 25th, 2002

mi sew smrt!


i'm so good to... me.
i made myself beat up chicken kids w/bacon & toast. *sniffle* i'm so proud of... me. boo hooo hoooo....

heh. ya anyway, really tired today, hope i'm not dragging at work. cause it sucks when my day goes like that. *bleh* oh well, at least today is my friday!

do i need to say more?

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mi sew smrt!

"i'm the mbp most ballinest playa, make my own rulez bitch call me the mayor..."

so i went to 7-11 w/my sister this evening, and i pull into a parking spot to the right of a parked s.u.v. at the same time this guy comes walking out of 7-11. leah looks at him & laughs, so i turn to see what she's laughing at then leah's all "his one eye is crossed" i'm chuckling to myself and i turn my head towards her and tell her that i don't wanna see him cause if i do i'll laugh harder. so he gets into the passenger side of this suv that's parked right next to my door, i wait for him to close his door and as i'm getting out he's all
"damn girl you're hot!"
"thanks" walking towards the 7-11, trying to not chuckle too hard.... then
"you've got a nice butt!!"
i'm prolly the color of a tomato at this point in time...& not the green ones mind you i'm entering the 7-11 and they are HONKING THE HORN!!
my sister is just ROLLIN cracking her ass up...
gawd. i got hit on by a cross-eyed yokle. ::sigh::

'til daylight sends me home

flickering i roam

tonight i'm going out w/the girls from my work. wOOt! beer here i come!!... one of them had a root canal done today, and good thing she's feeling well... i bet the vicodin is helping a lot :P i want some.

some things have been going on in my life, but i figure if i spend time posting about it it will just make it stick more in my memory, and that's not something i really want to do. so this is all the comment it's going to get, and other than that i'm going to hope that it just slides right by me like a buttered up baby going down a slip n slide.

"when we're body smackin we're feelin so fine"

should i post another one of my pics? sure, why not... i think this is the last one i scanned, but not to worry, i am going to scan more this weekend... oh how y'all are lucky.
i think this one will be in celebration of the sun coming out and helping life continue. yup yup. ;o)

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