May 15th, 2002


they say i'm ... crazy

well... there might be a very good reason for that... it's cause i am HAH!! :P
::sigh:: okok, i know... everybody is to some extent. i just want a reason to place that little crazy jumping fist throwing icon down w/this post. hehehee... he's SO cute!!

"when love is gone we're not the same"
how true.

the birds are a squackin'... my bedrooms... a rockin?? to music that is...
and ....uh....... the popcorns a..... poppin??????????
::sigh:: wow i should just give up... GIVE UP I TELL YOU!!!!!!!

weeeeee... another work day, & another day of underpaid wages. *bleh* yes yes...still needing to find a new j0b <----pronounce that with an 'O' sound... like in the saint
i want one that will rawx0r my sawx0r
or something like that.

& now ladies & gents, i must depart.... for the products on which i rely are calling me... telling me that if i don't hurry i'll be late for work.... again.
like always...
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what's better than roses on a piano?


hold on...

here it comes.....

r u ready???


tulips on my organ!!


well i thought it was funny :P
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yo slick blow.....

it's driving me outta my mind
that's why it's hard for me to find
can't get it outta my head
miss her
kiss her
love her
that girl is poison
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okokok, here's another joke ;o)

what's the difference between a rooster & a hen?


wait for it....

this one's good......

a rooster says 'cocka doodle dooo'
and a hen says 'any cock'll doo'


yes. i thought it was funny :oP
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