May 20th, 2002


jeezy creezy

i'm freggin 21 years old, and still my parents consistantly remind me what time it is.
mum: it's 105 hunny
me: i know! [rushing to close the door b/c she just decided to barge in & i'm not dressed]

AGH! i need to freggin move out! they never wait for you to say come in, they knock, then open. what's the use of knocking if you're just gonna open the door anyway? at least wait for someone to say come in, or open the door for you!

ps. if i had my own apt i would walk around naked. i'm like a little kid like that... get dem clothes off, i want to liberate myself damnit!! YEA FREEDOM!!!!!!!
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no more slacking

now i will dedicate my time to responding to eveyones comments. wooo ha! & possibly even posting something of value on here... like.... the key the universe... or something....

ps. work sucked today. :oP *gag*
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i would reply to the comments... but it says that my journal is read only right now due to lj maintenance.

::sigh:: so i guess that means i'll go to subway & get some dinner.

chomp chomp chomp
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