May 22nd, 2002

ewww... that stinks

"never trust a big butt & a smile..."

so... i guess y'all shouldn't trust me... or something. cause i've got the big bubble ghetto fab kinda booty!
oh ya, break it down...

hmm. i know there are a TON of things i'm supposed to do today... lemmie see, what can i come up with?
- call old dr office(s) & get medical records (fed way & renton planned parenthood & sea. womens clinic) ok. i can do that... heh.
- call slave to the needle for nose/tongue piercing appts./info
- call 107.7 for foam party 2 info heheheee...
- REGISTER FOR SCHOOL! if i don't do this i'm a dumb ass motha fucka.
keepin one eye open still clockin the hos

i think that's about it. hrm. OH
- find photos to send into Jones soda co. woooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee
::shakes big ghetto fab booty::

ok, now i go put on some "real" clothes & dry my hair for work.
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home for lunch

to find that Gonzo has learned how to open his cage.
damn. smart bird... !!!!!!!!!!!
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shower time... woooOOOooooohhhhh....

::sigh:: okok, do it to that mc hammer song.....
and don't pretend like you don't know the one i'm talking about...
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