May 27th, 2002

mi sew smrt!

welcome to livejournal-land

this is the home of my free thoughts.
your mind must be at least this open to ride this ride, if it's not then you are the weakest link, & you will be eliminated.
i have no patience for the ill at ease, bad mannered, drama loving & inducing, hot tempered people of this world. or the bad drivers

i have an open mind...however i have short tolerence for the closed minded individuals.

if you meet the general requirements then take a ticket & stand in line. i'll be with you shortly.

now serving number four-hundred-sixty-two.
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ewww... that stinks

(no subject)

difficulty level of putting earrings in after applying lotion to body & thus having it all over your hands.

about ten
taken from a range of 0-10, ten being the most difficult & zero being not difficult at all.
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mi sew smrt!


ok. that's it... i'm cleaning up around here.
i want to be able to sit on my chair again. everything must go.

time to balance the checking account, file the time cards & other work related stuffs, write back to friends, put photos away.... just CLEAN THE DAMN ROOM UP!!!!

ok now break ::clap::
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buh bye cardboard chair. you were amazing, however i have no room for you in my 8'x10' box of a room.
you held over 200lbs & only weighed about 8 yourself.

you shall be missed, you were a 2hr marvel.

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i'm going thru my old payment stubs from my last job... i made so much money.

reality check: I NEED A NEW FUCKING JOB!!!!
ewww... that stinks

it's official...

i'm fuct

i won't be going to school autumn quarter. why you ask? well they don't offer one of the classes i have to have in order to reapply to the photo program. what you say? why not take it summer quarter? well... when i had looked at classes offered in the summer back in winter quarter they weren't even offering this class i need. soooo... i didn't bother checking back. so now, i come to find out that they, in fact, are offering the class summer quarter. oh but what's this? all the classes are closed??? AGH!!!!! ::pulls out hair::
so this means that since i won't be able to reapply to the photo program at the end of autumn quarter, & since i won't have all the classes i need to reapply, i won't be able to reapply until 2003. ::sigh:: which means i waste one more year of my time bullshitting around. i am really stuck.
and really fuct.


i'm fuct
i've fuct myself
fuck fuck fuck

i guess what's holding me back from being a gypsy?

i need to go & kill myself now.

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