June 2nd, 2002


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been up since 715 this morning.
went to work at 8, just got off at 4.
no breaks.
no food.
just water.
i'm freggin HUNGRY!!!

my tongue is fine.
didn't drink last night
so it wasn't so bad getting up this morning.
mom is kinda talking to me now

torque got pierced.
it looks good :o)

wish i didn't have to work tomorrow.
oh well...
must attempt to get some food in tummy before i go & work on my skin cancer.

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once again

i want to be in a large dark room with minimal lights,
an awesome sound system
great music...

just to dance.
to be me
and feel the flow between me & the music...

"kiss me one last time..."

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    Paul Oakenfold - Flesh (DJ Tiësto Mix)

like an animal

i wasn't there.
you didn't see me did you?
not even in the background
no evidence

it's impossible

never with me.
an empty smile

shiney things get dull

you can only say so much
& feel so little

you can pretend that the problem's evaporated
but it's always there
in you

what in the world does this mean?!??
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    lost it . com - Animal

oh damn

i'm on a photo frenzie tonight....
i guess that's what happens when you don't take pics for a while!

this one is my fave so far...
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    Lost It. Com - Animal