June 3rd, 2002

mi sew smrt!


rasin toast & marionberry yogurt.
damn tongue stud, getting in the way of my oral enjoyment!


it's ok... i know it will create oral enjoyment later on.

I haven't failed, I've found ten thousand ways that don't work.
--Ben Franklin

i had a dream last night/this morning... but i'll be damned if i can remember what it was about. agh. i hate it when that happens...

it's hard knowing that your actions result in other peoples happiness. what would it be like if you went through life doing things but they never affected anyone? would that mean there would be no caring?

so yesterday i was talking to my mom & she had some rings on her fingers with HUGE rocks... i was like damn, someone playing pretty pretty princess??? apparently she got them at this antique show for "quite a steal" or something... then i was so smart and piped in "now what if i put a rock that size on my tongue?"
heeeeeeeeeee..... she didn't like that
"i don't want to see it, or hear it..."
meh. too late. it's not like i've shown her, she would prolly get sick to her stomach. it took her a while to just look at my belly button without getting the heeby jeebys
"you had such a pretty voice, and now there's this lisp"
oh but mom it's gotten better, you shoulda hear me friday night!!!
she was not amused.

some people just have no idea!

don't wanna work today, but... i need the money if i want to play!!
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lunch time

work = sleep inducing
lunch = painful for the tongue... but hey! i ate half a chicken sandwich!!!! :o)

mind = in another world.... are you there?

ugh, i have bread stuck in my teeth and i can't run my tongue across them to get it out.
looks like i'll be a toothpick girl now folks!!

now i must go back to work.
i shall brink music to keep me awake & my spirits up...

wee... another pic!


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mi sew smrt!

random thoughts

if people with light skin tend to get brown skin in the sun, yet lighter hair... how come it doesn't work the same way with people with dark skin? why does their hair stay dark _all_ the time?

kits camera here sucks ass. not mine, oh no... i'd beat it off with a 2x4 before i'd let it do that to me.
freggin printed my pics too light. & the negitives aren't all that dark either!!! grrr.....

grape juice is good

fyi: my scanner is a pos.

i just want it to be DONE!

ah... baby
i can hardly recognize myself.
touch me.
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