June 5th, 2002


pussy on her back!

here's my sister today tormenting the cat. she's figured out if she holds boo (the cat) so that her feet are up in the air it's harder for her to get away. & boy does boo want to get away. b/c everytime she's like that i just have to grab her little fuzzy paws... or rub her soft fuzzy belly.
poor puss.
such a life of sorrow she must lead.
bah! that pussy's got it made!

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sooooo tired!!

i'm so happy that tomorrow is my friday, cause i'm spent! sunday really threw my week off.
hungry... wooo wiee i wanna eat!!

but first i shower & wash yesterday away. hopefully that will help wake me up
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ewww... that stinks



my cellphone won't recharge!!! it doesn't even recognize that the little carger plug is in!!!

shit. this means my cell will die today.
this also means i have to see if i can get a new phone today or... i'm outta service!!

crap crap crap
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