June 7th, 2002

mi sew smrt!

there's no time to wait gotta save....

honey bring it close to my lips ya....

everybody needs somebody, i'm somebody who needs your body
when it comes to jay & jane there's just no way to lose...

well she is a pretty girl but not too bright...

hizzah! i just made two, count 'em two, payments to my bank.

can i get a w00t w00t for sarah paying her bills on time??


she's knows how to hit the spot
he knows how to make me hot

gotta love random song lyrics!
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ewww... that stinks


[phone rings]

hello, yes may i speak to Griffith Leversssesss?

sorry, wrong number.
[click] dumbass

ya sure it kinda sounds like my dads name, but she couldn't even say Garth right.
psssh some people

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