June 9th, 2002



it's so beautiful outside!!! there was a couple of really icky days, but now the sun has broken thru & the birds are chirping. wait.... there are always birds chirping where i live... nm.

got a new cell phone, too bad all my saved numbers didn't transfer.

the thing about Seattle is that it's crappy most the year right? but what i think is the clicker for most is the beautiful summer/late spring/fall days we get. it makes those crappy days in winter & early spring so much more tolerable b/c there's something great to look forward to.
i love Seattle.
really a unique city.
the people here are awesome too... friendly, and it's great cause when the weather is nice people go outside! i've been so many places that have nice weather & people just take it all for granted.

i'm starting to look like a Mexican (according to my sister)
my skin is getting quite dark.
i'm loving it.
i can wear any color now & not worry about looking washed out.

oh would someone PLEASE shut my dad down. ::shakes head:: he just came into my room "did you know your sister's a wigger?"
::slaps forehead:: oh gawd, i'm related to him.

hmmm... i need to buy photoshop or something.
this is irritating

it's cold on the west side of the house. brrrr....

a few weeks ago i took some b&w pics downtown w/Leigh, this pic is my fave outta the bunch. i wasn't too impressed with the roll as a whole. only a few good images.... oh well...

well, i'm off to shower... ouh la la, oui oui....
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summer school

good & bad thing
bad: it's over all summer. from the 25th of june until the 22 of august. however, only on tuesdays & thrusdays from 110-430
good: i will be able to reapply to the photo program at the end of autumn quarter & hopefully get to go to another country *U.K.* for study...

i needed this class hardcore.
karma is looking out for me.

it's cause i don't kill spiders.
i just know it.

i may not be able to go to reading fest now... however i may be able to work something out w/the prof... ie: do my final early.

i hope things fall thru for me. *crosses fingers*

now i figure out my work schedule for the next few months
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mi sew smrt!

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ewww... that stinks

oh i feel bad!

i forgot to water my little plant
and as a result he's all droopy

so i have given him a drink
let's see how long it takes before he perks up
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