June 10th, 2002


so many dreams

i cannot remember them all....
something about racing cars
a pink mitsubishi getting slammed
anna kaurnakovich (sp?)
a playboy mag
& some of my friends...

there was a previous dream, but i only think i can remember it's subject content
& i'm not sure if i'm just wanting to think that's what it was about
or if it was actually about what i think it was about

blah blah blah blah blah
empty jibber jabber

i must shower now
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    Essential Mix - dj tiesto- sat-09-09-2001

He had a photographic memory that was never developed.

i don't like drama
when it comes into my life i find the quickest way to deal with it and get it the fuck out
i am pretty damn sure i hate drama
and i don't like using the word 'hate' to describe my feelings towards anything or anyone

today was alright.
slightly disappointing. i wanted to wear a dress or skirt, but this morning when i got up there was no sun to be seen.
so i wore jeans.
then about a hour & a half into my shift guess who decides to come out.
mr. sun.

i wish i had some pink flloyd to listen to.
fleetwood mac will just have to do for now.

i forgot to add something to my list of things that annoy me:
-people that are full of themselves
some think it's ok 'cause it shows they have "high" self esteem. if that's the case why do they feel the need to talk themselves up?
hmm... i dunno.

i need a big change. i need to move. i need to shake things up.
i need something i don't have yet... & i've needed it for quite some time now...

in the sea of love

where everyone

would love to drown

this is a boring boring post.
not for entertainment purposes whatsoever

i have a deadend job.
i have no direction
i am just floating
i have no goals except to travel.
that's all i really want. oh... and to take pictures of it all.
...so maybe i do have a goal, but... there isn't a direction for it just yet
hopefully i'll get a new job in the next few weeks & then i'll make some real money...
then i can start doing what i really want.

i need a new mind to explore.
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