August 7th, 2002


turn around & around & around & around

you've got my head spin spin spinnin & it just won't stop

the last month has been, well... amazing. he is amazing.
here's us
in case you couldn't tell I'M SO VERY HAPPY!!!

so many things going on right now, i'm so very busy. i feel like i should be able to just stop & take a breath, but every turn i've got something else to do.
keeping busy is good.
it keeps my mind off the fact that part of me is missing.

um, i'm hearing strange screams from the street. ::shrug:: oh well.

mah car is broken. it's in the shop, i'll get it back friday. grrrr. i hate cars you know that? well... really i hate the upkeep & money they require.

hm. lots of things i want to say, but none of much importance.

importance... i've shifted my importance of material things to more of a focus of what i really need. i have a lot of stuff i don't use, hence, i don't need. which, in turn, calls for some mass garage sale of some sort to get rid of stuff. cause.. to put it out on the table, i'm a pack-rat, & none of this junk really matters to me anymore. i want to be more free, & i think that excess stuff is quite like that whole "ball & chain" saying... or whatever.

I just wanted to let you know that Kathy & I think you are doing a great job & work circles around others in the dept that have been here longer. We appreciate your hard work & dedication & punctuality. Keep it up. :) Michele

that was an email i got from my lead at work today (Kathy is the sup for my dept) it made me feel good to know that they see what i'm doing.

well, this isn't really much of an update... i want to sit & blab about how good i'm feeling since Andrew's come into my life, however i figure none of you really want to read or see that mushy stuff.
so perhaps i'll spare you... at least i will for now.

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