August 25th, 2002

mi sew smrt!

insert sound of whistling here

so i just sat & tried to think how on earth one could replicate in text the sound of a whistle. and i fear it just cannot be done. we don't have letters to represent those sounds made by the mouth.

and now i think why not? why don't we have representations of sounds like that in symbols? i think it could add a whole lot of variation to our spoken language if we started adding whistles... and maybe even clicking sounds.

the clicking of the tongue was the first kinds of sounds i made as a baby excluding laughing, crying and burping *according to my mom & dad* for a while there my mom said she feared i was going to try & communicate like the people in the movie the gods must be crazy


so now i am going to urge people to start including some sort of other oral sounds in everyday vernacular. i think it would be interesting, & a whole hell of a lot more entertaining!!
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