August 26th, 2002


jibbah jabbah

hmm... today at work was abnormal. the server was down all day, so we couldn't do much of anything. i got to leave work early, which was pleasant.

the weak become heroes & the stars aligned

the countdown has begun. i am getting so excited to be with Andrew again <3 and to be able to see & experience someplace new. i have yet to get my film, however everything else seems to be in order.
i like to keep things for myself to do before a trip or something exciting, it helps makes time go faster... and it seems as though i've maintained a good job at doing that for myself. i'm working fulltime this week, and have little misc. items i've set up for myself to do until sunday.

made quite a bit of money on garage sale things. i think this weekend my neighborhood bought the majority of items. it's kind of funny how those things work... it seems as if they showed some sort of support by doing so, even tho they didn't quite know what it was for.
it's nice to be able to talk to people you live around, gave me a better sense of where i live.

i think i want to be on a ranch...

things are feeling good right now. i feel like my direction is in front of me, i've finally found my path. i believe that i have the luck, i just have to trust it and be confident in it.

IN OTHER NEWS: I got a really cool pen outta my cereal box this morning!!! i know y'all are jealous! it's a light saber pen & it glows red... it's so cool!!! imma take it to work... ;o)

i finish cleaning room now so i can shower
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