August 27th, 2002


out of boredom & a lack of creativity

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Here there everywhere & sometimes inbetween.
Strengths: umm... i'm weak. very.very.weak. really.
Weaknesses: *insert porno music here*
Special Skills: special, yes. skills... umm... of which sort?
Weapons: ass for days... weeks even!!
karma: what goes around comes around.

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    the streets

bored bored bored

At this particular time you are feeling the results of extreme stress and you are seeking a 'way out' but you are pushing too hard. Obviously you need peace, tranquility and contentment. Your temperament is such that you are hoping, unrealistically perhaps, that your desires will shortly be fulfilled (even if at this time you are not quite sure what those true aspirations may be!).

You want what you want and you need all that you want and, as they say in the movies, you are the sort of individual that 'By hook or by crook' you will, by fair means or foul, endeavor to get what you are looking for.
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ewww... that stinks

oi oi, heavy heavy

i think i've been listening to the streets too much.

this packing thing is gonna be tricky.
why you ask?
oh because i want to take ALL of my clothes.

& all of my clothes won't fit in my suitcase.

not only am i worrying about clothes, but SHOES. AGH!!!! ::pulls out hair::

i think imma need a suitcase for those alone!!

my mums all, oh just take one or two pairs.
ONE OR TWO PAIRS?!@?!!!?? ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME?!?!!()$*%#_)$(@_%)%*(^&#!!!!!

obviously she just doesn't get it

"actions speak louder than words"

i've deleted quite a few of my user icons, mainly b/c i just didn't like them anymore & want different ones. problem is i'm far too lazy to replace them. so y'all shall never see my smile pic, or... the dark vicious one... or... the shower icon thing (however i doubt that one will be missed mainly b/c i hardly ever used it...)

i hate it when people ask "stupid" questions. ::sigh:: okok, so it's not the question that's stupid, it's the person, i understand that. but STILL. it's really annoying.
"so are you excited?" well DUH! what do you think??


anyway, i'm off to make some headway on my skin cancer... WOO HOO!!!
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    The Streets - Too Much Brandy