August 31st, 2002


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problem 1: hungry
problem 2: dry heaves
solution: eat
problem: nothing sounds good. besides what i would eat i don't have.
solution: still working on that...

today is my little sisters bday. she turns 15... but as she said the other day, "i feel like i've been 15 this whole time..."
all her friends are older than her, i can understand what she means. b/c for the longest time while all my friends were 21+ and i wasn't i still felt like i was. maybe it was b/c i had been drinking just as long as them? or i'm more mature than them? or... they are just immature babies?
either way... i can relate to what she is sayin...

she just started high school. prompted me to think of back in the day when rocks were being made & when i went to high school. heh. memories. ::sigh:: i feel old for some reason, which is completely re*dick*a*less b/c i'm not old by any means. i think it may just be b/c i don't feel any more mature than i did then... just know a little bit more.
well less actually, all those drugs didn't help me retain any information at all... but kinda more... well, more in the way of people & myself. a larger understanding of it all.

i should be on my way to the bank.
put some clothes on sarah, you have too much to do today to be waisting your time here.
ok. sounds like a plan.

roger. over & out.
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