October 15th, 2002


(no subject)

Those who are afraid 2 fall never fly
How will u ever know if u never try
Might just reach your goals and your every
dream you can never b sure
If not you can learn from the mistakes you
make, at least you'll wonder no more
The saddest thing is a life never lived a
desired task never tried
Wishing stars never wished upon left
floating in the sky
Dreams left as dreams hopes and ambitions
pushed 2 the back of one's mind
If you never speak you'll never be heard if
you don't seek you'll never find
Never let them tell you that you can't
shouldn't or you couldn't
Never give them the satisfaction of being
the reason that you wouldn't
Never let their jealousy or disbelief be
the reason you don't or won't try
Don't let the only time you ever really
fly be the day u die!