October 28th, 2002


tuck in your sides, pull up your butt

fe fi fo fum eating rice sure is fun.


oh nono, don't get me wrong, i like rice, i really do... it's just that after a day of having hardly anything to eat, and being really REALLY starved, the last thing i want to eat is just rice.
now, answer me this riddler, why won't my mother go out grocery shopping?
why does she like to starve me?

ANSWER: she's crazy!

umm... rice & tomato juice. what a healthy dinner. i think i'll follow up with some leftover spode from the weekend.

school today was... oh ... wait... that's right, i didn't go.
silly me. musta forgotten after that rigerous nap of mine this morning... you know, the one i took right after i woke up.

ok team, midterms are this thursday, now... we MUST focus & prepare... hey! you over there! that's right, brain cell #52, why the FUCK are you just spinning in circles??
Oh... you're useless? what's that? it's from all the smoking?
get outta here!!! NO ROOM FOR THE WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm... ok, well dinners gone down, and i'm still hungry. IMAGINE THAT!!!!!

IN OTHER NEWS: Gomer is still obsessed with his reflection. Beaker still manages to look quite ... absent minded, & Gonzo, well... poor little Gonzo is dying. I hope his kidneys get better. :o(

oh & the cat? ya... she's still a bitch. little fuzz ball left a nasty scar on my hand. grrrrr.... ::glares at cat:: hey! come back here!! i'm not done glaring at you!!!!!!!


countdown until Andrews arrival, commenced. ;o) ;o) ;o) !!!!

please hurry mail & info which is getting processed.....can't go on.... much..........longer.............::gasp::..........
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