October 31st, 2002

mi sew smrt!

rock my planet

"I'm sleeping later, waking later, I'm eating less and thinking more."

that pretty much sums me up lately. can't get enough sleep, i don't like to eat much... i'm getting picky. (thanks love i know it's your influence) ;o) and as far as the thinking goes... well... ya, i have been thinking quite a lot... i guess. mostly about random stuff tho... like, when will i wear my coloured socks? should i look for a new job today? hmm... does my ass look bigger? how about a hair cut?
you know... all the filler stuff that floats about one's mind....
but mostly thinking about midnovember. ;o)

i woke up to some amusing things this morning on the radio... but this not so "amusing" thing came out of one of the vjays mouth
"heaven is a barrier between time & space"

or something to that extent... i'm really curious how that came out of his mouth. i mean, i know how it came out of his mouth, i just wanna know if he thought it up while twiddling his thumbs or what... ok well... he said that a ouiji board told him that when he asked the question "is there a heaven" .... & that's the answer it gave him.

work was boring
midterm was boring
the caffiene pumping thru my system completely shot me thru the roof & i wrote a novels instead of an essays for some of the questions.

so has anybody been to Lipetsk?
me neither.
lets go.
i hear the... uhh... food er... weather umm... people are friendly ????


i've got a penny, i've got a penny, i've got a penny today-eh-ayyy......

::sigh:: i was just looking thru some pics from july & sept...::SIGH::.... it made my eyes leak... i'm just so happy & filled with love for Andrew.
i'm just so happy that i've only got to be patient for two more weeks...

i should get to bed now, i've got another midterm tomorrow then i'm free... well, after work that is.

anyway, good night, hope everyone had a happy halloween!

oh ya, i got this off some automatic email thing i get for info on parties i can't go to.. wanna give credit where credit's due... but i really can't remember the site name....
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